I am currently offering two types of cast bullet sizing dies; the RCBS/Lyman type and the Lee type.  I normally use untempered 12L14 steel for the die bodies, but if you want something else, I can probably do that too. 

Remember that bullets made of different lead alloys with different heat treatments may size to different actual bullet diameters out of the same sizing die.  So when ordering, either state the diameter you want the die ground to, or provide some actual bullets and state what diameter you want them sized to.  If you say for instance that you are using ACWWs and that you want the die to size that material, I can use my ACWW for a standard, but I cannot guarantee that the die will size your ACWW to the same diameter.

Nose First Push Through Dies

These are ready to be bored, lapped and polished to final sizing diameter.

push through sizing dies

Price including push through punch: $25.00

RCBS / Lyman Type Dies

Price including pushrod : $25.00

Price for top punch with flat: $10.00  (or to match bullet profile when ordered with a mold)




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